dB-M 2.0

Some feedback from our customers

Don’t miss this one ★★★★★
by Jolindstm (Sweden)

Don’t miss out on this gem! It really delivers a solid vintage tone. Especially the clean sound got that warm glow that is so hard to come by. Add a bit of distortion and feel the blues. The included effects are all very good and it’s easy to shape the tone to your liking. I’m looking forward to IAA and BG-audio, although audiobus works flawlessly. Highly recommended!

App Store review for Flying Haggis – Guitar Amp

Beautiful sounding amp sim ★★★★★
by Richard Yot (UK)

I own most of the available amp sims available on the App Store, and this one is one of the very best. It is equal to BIAS in my opinion, in terms of the quality of its sound, and a big step up from all the rest. And with bundled effects of great quality and no in-app purchases since everything is available for the asking price this app is a really good deal.

App Store review for Flying Haggis – Guitar Amp

This is a Great Amp! ★★★★★

by Glishba (US)

I just bought Flying Haggis. I’m comparing it to JamUp Pro, Amplitube, Stompbox, AmpKit, and Master Efx. Haggis has a fantastic set of effects that sound great, a nice selection of Amp Cabinets. EQ, Reverb, Overdrive & Presence controls, a Compressor, and a Feedback kill button even. It has some awesome presets and you can add your own. The sound of this app is very clear and direct, no noise or “all the tones sound the same” thing. I’m going to delete Amplitude and Stompbox and JamUpPro. This one sounds better and no annoying Pop-Ups to buy add-ons.

App Store review for Flying Haggis – Guitar Amp