D-Pro Lighting Control

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Professional DMX control
Standalone application
for Windows & OS X

D-Pro is distributed worldwide by
Enttec. To purchase, please contact
your local Enttec dealer, or you can
purchase directly from www.enttec.com

Please go to our dedicated
lighting website for more details.


D-Pro is a software based lighting controller which plays well with a host of different professional level hardware devices from ENTTEC.It has plenty of advanced features for the most demanding lighting professional, allowing for control of up to 8 universes worth of DMX data, and it packs more than a few innovations.

D-Pro’s graphical user interface will allow novices and veterans alike a quick learning curve, but for the seasoned operator who wishes it, a robust command line is available.It supports virtually unlimited cues, palettes and groups, a multi-layered cuelist playback engine, scripting, effects and much more.


D-PRO can transmit up to 8 universes (4096 channels) of lighting control, via any of the following ENTTEC DMX hardware devices:

  • DMXIS hardware adapter
  • ODE (DMX Ethernet gateway)
  • Datagate MK2
  • Any Art-Net output device

Devices can be freely mixed, for example, you can output universe-1 to a DMXIS interface, while transmitting universe-2 via Art-Net to an ODE box.

D-PRO is distributed worldwide by Enttec. Contact your local Enttec retailer for details, or purchase directly from Enttec by clicking here. Enttec can ship your order from their distribution warehouses in Europe, the US and Australia.D-PRO comes in two flavours. The cheaper 2U version supports 2 DMX universes of output (1024 channels of lighting control), and use is restricted to one computer.The 8U D-PRO license supports 8 DMX universes of output (4096 channels of lighting control) and is functionally identical to the 2U product. Licensing is achieved via a secure USB dongle – which means that you can install the D-PRO 8U software on multiple computers, and move your USB key about as necessary.