DMXIS Lighting Controller


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VST/AU plugin
Windows & OS X

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Award-winning DMX lighting control for performers

Esta awardDMXIS is the award-winning DMX lighting controller from db audioware and ENTTEC – now trusted by thousands of bands & performers around the world.

DMXIS Lighting controller hardware

Specifically designed for live performers, DMXIS lets you create exciting automated light shows with your Mac OS® or Windows® based computer. You can control the light show manually from a simple footswitch, or for full hands-off automation, you can use the VST or Audio Unit plug-in to run the light show using an audio sequencer such as Ableton Live or Logic Audio.

DMXIS includes a professional standard USB-DMX hardware interface, designed by ENTTEC.

MacBook + Logic + DMXIS in Michael Jackson tribute show (UK)

Nice band lighting setup, controlled by DMXIS (from robare99)

Software Features

  • Hardware style user interface is quick to learn and easy to use
  • Controls any DMX-512 compatible light fixture, including classic dimmer packs, LED fixtures, and intelligent lighting (e.g. scanners & moving heads)
  • Create static looks, dynamic chases & moving effects with smooth cross-fades
  • Intuitive tempo-based approach, for perfect synchronisation of lighting & music
  • Runs as a standalone program, VST plug-in, or Audio Unit plug-in**
  • Supports 512 DMX channels & unlimited number of fixtures

Hardware Features

  • Outputs one DMX-512 universe (512 channels of control)
  • Full microprocessor control (guarantees reliable DMX operation)
  • 1500V full isolation (protects your computer)
  • 3 and 5 pin DMX outputs (compatible with any DMX-512 light fixture)
  • Powered directly from the USB cable
  • 1/4” Footswitch input* for easy scene switching

With DMXIS, you pre-program your entire light show in advance, letting you concentrate on your live performance. You can then manually step through the light show using a simple footswitch plugged into the DMXIS hardware interface. Or, if you use audio software such as Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase or Mixmeister in your live show, you can use the DMXIS plug-in (VST or Audio Unit) to run your lights directly from your audio software! This is incredibly effective, as your light show automatically synchronizes to the performance, even if you change tempo live.


The DMXIS hardware interface is a professional standard USB-DMX converter, capable of transmitting a full universe (512 channels) of DMX-512 data at full 40 Hz frame rate. An on-board microprocessor performs all the DMX frame buffering – in other words, the interface itself is responsible for generating a steady and reliable DMX data stream. This is far more reliable than some cheaper USB-DMX devices which rely on your computer to generate the data. To protect your computer from unintentional electrical surges (for example, if someone were to foolishly plug a phantom-powered mic cable into your interface) the DMXIS interface has full 1500V data and power isolation.

*Footswitch not included.

**Plug-in is an optional feature, requires a host program which supports VST or Audio Unit plug-ins.