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Sounds Active Essential Sound Engineering is a unique interactive software package that teaches the fundamentals of Sound Engineering and Production.

Designed for use in schools and colleges, the multimedia package combines expert teaching material from Iain Massey with fully operational virtual studio equipment and extensive audio and video footage for a rich blend of theory and practice.

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More Than A Textbook

A textbook-based approach can build strong foundations, but in a practical subject like Sound Engineering, students learn by doing and learn best when guided by an expert supervisor. Essential Sound Engineering offers hands-on learning opportunities, including a full step-by-step simulated recording project, supported by extensive on-screen guidance and background theory.

Avoid Studio Time Becoming Rehearsal Time

Even with the latest computer music technology, hands-on time in a recording studio is essential to a good understanding of Sound Engineering. However, limited access to studio resources often means that project work is delayed while the student learns the basics. Essential Sound Engineering builds familiarity and confidence elsewhere, helping students make the most of precious studio time.

Teach Larger Classes With Ease

Essential Sound Engineering can be used in a number of different ways. For independent or supervised study, class size is limited only by the availability of computers, which do not need to be equipped with specialist audio hardware or other audio software. For lectures, the built-in Equipment Store allows instant demonstrations using pre-recorded audio and your own audio files.