Flying Haggis – Guitar Amp

Flying Haggis guitar amplifier

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US $49

Standalone application
VST/AU plugin (32-bit)
Windows & OS X

64-bit VST/AU
in development…

Download Mac demo

Download Windows demo

Flying Haggis is an all-original amp design with great tones, a nice selection of vintage fx, and a no nonsense interface with all the pick-up-and-play appeal of real hardware, with no complex menus or screens to navigate.

With a realistic vintage tone stack, multi-stage preamp, 6 speaker cabinets and 4 mic positions, you can quickly dial in a massive range of amp tones. The vintage style stompboxes (drawn from db audioware’s extensive fx library) and stereo reverb complete your sound.

Guitarist Choice

Guitarist magazine awarded Flying Haggis (PC/Mac version) a Guitarist Choice award, with a rating of 4.5/5.

The guitar sounds in the demos opposite were recorded using only Flying Haggis with no further processing applied. You will hear unprocessed guitar, then Flying Haggis solo, and finally the full mix.


  • traditionally designed amp with its own unique sound
  • all-round performer, excels at clean and subtle tones
  • low latency for responsive live playing
  • flexible preset management in standalone player and plug-ins
  • optimised for live performances
  • plug-ins for PC Windows (VST) and Mac OS X (VST, Audio Units)
  • standalone player for PC and Mac
  • iPad app for iOS 6.1 or better


Every dial & button in Flying Haggis can be remotely controlled via easy-to-use MIDI Learn on Windows/Mac, and fixed MIDI assignments on iOS.

For live performance, just hook up a MIDI pedalboard to remotely switch banks & presets, or tweak settings in realtime.


  • Works with any host program supporting VST 2.4 or Audio Units (32-bit only, 64-bit support in development)


  • Windows Vista or better
  • OS X 10.6 – macOS 10.14 (macOS 10.15 Catalina is not currently supported)


  • Supports all major PC Windows soundcard standards, including MME, DirectX and low latency ASIO
  • Supports Core Audio compatible soundcards on Mac OS X